Fanta Limone e Fiori di Sambuco

Fanta Lemon and Elder Flowers is the new refreshing taste of Fanta.

Fanta range is enriched with a new and surprising twist: Lemon and flowers Elder.
The new taste of summer is available from March at all Sicilians outlets, but just up to September! So hurry up and taste the freshness of lemon flavor combined with the sweet aroma of elderflower.

Fanta Lemon and Elder Flowers is available in pet bottle of 1.5 L and 0.50 L.


water, sugar, lemon, juice carbon dioxide, acidificane citric acid, acidity regulator trisodium citrate, flavoring, preservative potassium sorbate, stabilizers gum acacia and esters of wood rosin glycerin, antioxidant ascorbic acid.


  • PET L 0,5

  • PET L 1,5