Coca-Cola Life

Coca-Cola Life is the newest member of the Coca-Cola family that has captured the natural sweetness found in the stevia leaf (sweetener steviol glycosides) and sugar, combined with other ingredients such as natural flavors, providing a taste only energy-reduced *. * Thanks to 50% of sugars in less than most of the sweetened cola drinks in Italy, with sweeteners glicolisidi steviol.

Coca-Cola Life in Sicily is available in 33cl glass bottle sizes, 15 and 33cl cans, and PET bottle formats from 50, 90cl and L 1 and L1,5


Water, sugar, carbon dioxide, E150d colorant, natural flavors (including caffeine)
Acidifier phosphoric acid, sweetener steviol glycosides.


  • VAP L 0,33

  • PET L 0,50

  • PET L 0,90

  • PET L 1

  • PET L 1,5

  • CAN L 0,15

  • CAN L 0,33